What’s your opinion on Sexual Experimentation?

That’s the question for today. I personally think it is good to experiment and see what you like. There’s no point in just sticking to the same old thing. I hope when I get more confident to experiment, but what do you think?

27 thoughts on “What’s your opinion on Sexual Experimentation?

  1. You have to try lots to find out what you like, and you have to try lots to get good at what you’re doing.
    Plus, I think it’s hotter to change things up a bit.

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    1. Completely agree, Kim!🖒❤ As long as no one is being harmed then there is nothing wrong with experimenting sexually.😀 Also be careful if you do any bondage or hardcore S&M or anything , make sure to use caution and be very safe. You don’t want to accidently hurt yourself or someone else in a way that is not wanted. It’s great to have a safe word, practice safe sex and to make sure your safety is in tact fully during any solo acts of experimentation.💯😀

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      1. Thanks Kim!😍❤ Always better safe than sorry! It’s always great to talk about boundaries ahead of time with any partner as well when experimenting, Vinnie. If you both know each other’s limits then you don’t worry about anyone being hurt physically or emotionally.😀✔💯

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