51 thoughts on “Strip For You

      1. I have done it all, my friend but I never was paid for sexual favors or anything like that but I have to admit that I was a Madame back in the day. I was on the streets at such a young age, I just made money to survive and then realized that wasn’t the life to live with my kids but when I was a dancer, I could do all kinds of things. You name it, I’ve done it. Lol. I was pretty good with a pole and it great shape. Now just looking at a pole exhaust me. Lol.

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  1. I stumbled into the bedroom, I couldn’t quite believe what was happening. My shirt was unbuttoned and my trousers were off. My boxers were filled with heat, feeling smaller and smaller by the second. I couldn’t wait.

    But I waited, and boy, am I glad. She appeared in the hallway, with flowing hair and lustful eyes. Her body was bare, and I followed her hourglass with my eyes. I had never felt such desperation, to touch or to taste.

    She stalked closer, her hips leaning side to side. My body was screaming.

    She took her ring finger, and tapped my shoulder twice. We removed my button up, together. I could feel her breath in my ear as I sat on the bed. I felt as though I was floating in the ocean, alone and scorched by the hot sun. But she is here, now.

    She turned around to reveal the most glorious shape. Peachier than the peach itself, she teased me. She waved her hips and bounced her derrière. I wanted to touch, but I couldn’t yet.

    Moving in, closer. Close enough to make me welp in agony. She sat upon my legs, and then, all of me. My skin brushed against the crease of her behind. I’d never felt pleasure like it. The way she moved. Up and down. Back and forth. It was heaven, and it was hell.

    In my mind, I was ready for it to last forever. But my body, it had other plans.

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      1. It’s like you can be in love and experience intimate sex, or experience sex purely physically outside of Love. Do you think you can be in love with having sex? Or is that just lust?

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