Sex Questionnaire

I love asking questions, so a series of sex questions will follow. Feel free to answer and if you don’t want to that is good as well.

  1. What’s the best thing about sex for you?
  2. Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?
  3. What’s the most amount of times you’ve had sex in a day?
  4. Ever partaken in group sex?
  5. What’s your biggest fetish?
  6. Have you ever recorded yourself having sex?
  7. What is a big no no in sex for you?
  8. What are you good at sexually?
  9. Do you believe in being sexually open?
  10. And finally, is sex overrated?

Gold Boots

It was a steamy night last night

My libido went sky high

As I caught the eye of a gorgeous chick

And she made my body fly

After a drink and a little small talk

It was back to hers that hour

As kisses bloomed and clothes fell away

And lust began to flower

As positions switched up

We hit the heights of pleasure

And her gold boots shone

Rhythmically moving for my leisure


Love is Love

I totally support people’s sexuality and right to love who they want. I think it’s wonderful for people to be so open and be able to live without fear of ignorance. There may be narrow minded individuals out there, but you will get love and respect from me. With open arms and a big heart, I say love who you want. You’ll always have my support.