No Words Needed

Sometimes we don’t need words

To display what we feel inside

Sometimes it’s just a look

From which no one can hide

Maybe it’s just connection

Maybe it’s just fate

Maybe we’re in over our heads

But love is not one to wait


Warm Embrace

Come closer, my darling

So I can see your face

And I can feel the love

From your warm embrace

Hold me tight

And don’t let go

As our lips meet magically

And ever so slow

Lets make it a night

Of passion and sin

As we both give into danger

And unleash the longing within


Gold Boots

It was a steamy night last night

My libido went sky high

As I caught the eye of a gorgeous chick

And she made my body fly

After a drink and a little small talk

It was back to hers that hour

As kisses bloomed and clothes fell away

And lust began to flower

As positions switched up

We hit the heights of pleasure

And her gold boots shone

Rhythmically moving for my leisure