50 thoughts on “How Often do You Masturbate?

      1. In the shower is a great time to do it, the warm water helps. Do you dull need to masturbate if you’ve had sex?


  1. I’m in a good long-term relationship, one in which sex is plentiful. Even after 25 years together. So, i don’t need to as often as when I was single. However, when she’s outta town, or I am, or any time we’re apart for some extended time, I have to. Sometimes it’s with her too, over the phone. 😃

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      1. It’s fun if your partner is into it as well. As for porn, I’m not into anything too bizarre, just standard stuff. I kinda prefer “real” people, like amateur stuff, rather than fake boobed, over make-upped porn stars.

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  2. I had to find this in the Reader, as I wasn’t notified.
    It gets a lot less as you get older, believe me. Perhaps it is harder to be stimulated by things, I’m not sure. But the ‘relief’ also lasts a lot longer, at least for me. It’s very different to being young, when you could easily do it to a hole in a fence, or a cosy cushion! Those days when I needed to come three times a day are just a memory. 🙂
    Cheers, Pete.

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      1. At that age, I only had to think about it! (No Internet then, and glamour mags were expensive when you were still at school.)
        But if I got a chance look up a girl’s skirt, that was normally enough to get me going! 🙂

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  3. I Touch Myself

    You make me touch myself
    I just can’t help it anymore
    My fingers sink below
    And all my clothes drop to the floor.

    Without a word, you’ve got me
    Rising higher than a tower.
    My hands, they start to dance
    Late into the midnight hour.

    They dance for you, oh so longingly.
    I touch myself till it’s hard to breathe.
    Will you ever touch me tender?
    Until then, I’ll stay a pretender.

    You’ve got me on the edge,
    I can touch it with my fingers.
    And once it’s done, the longing
    It still lingers.

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      1. Yeah the shower is OK beating off, but I prefer fantasies about a female masseur flipping me over and slowly going to work on my stiff cock before exploding like vesuvius in front of her…. Awesome!

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      1. Yep same here, one lady that lives opposite me is extremely gorgeous and features often when I masturbate

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