110 thoughts on “Sexy Tennis

  1. Voyeur/Bouncing Balls

    My baby, it might be crazy, but I think I want you now.
    I don’t know where or how,
    But you’ve got to help me out.
    I saw you in the shower with your body dripping gold,
    And now I’m without doubt
    I need you, now.

    Standing here at the door,
    My heart, it races for much more.
    As you step inside and drop your towel.
    Do you know I’m here?
    In my opinion, I think you do.
    But I hold my breath, hiding beneath a shroud.

    How can you tease me like that?
    Legs spread across the bed.
    An image in my lifetime, I won’t forget.
    Oh baby, am I allowed
    To watch you while you figure out
    The perfect way to supplement your drought?

    Your lips, they smirk and pout.
    Your sweat could quench a fire out,
    As you work your way into a state of high.
    Is there a reason why
    My mind’s completely hypnotised.
    Watching your sweet balls, as they bounce?

    Up and down and up,
    They bounce. I just can’t get enough.
    My heart could just explode with the rush.
    I could do so much,
    With my body, with my touch.
    If you’d let me close enough, you’d find out.

    Instead I’ll watch your bouncing balls,
    Looking from behind the wall.
    Maybe one day, we’ll explore.
    We’re missing out.

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