My Answers to the Sex Questionnaire

After I did the sex questionnaire post, I was asked by fellow blogger Jamie if I’d answer the questions I posed to others. So Jamie this ones for you.

  1. What’s the best thing about sex for you? Just the whole energy of it all and providing pleasure to someone else.
  2. Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex? Probably the garden. A neighbour caught me.
  3. What’s the most amount of times you’ve had sex in a day? 3 times.
  4. Ever partaken in group sex? No, not yet.
  5. What’s your biggest fetish? I love a nice peachy bum, major turn on.
  6. Have you ever recorded yourself having sex? No, but I’ve thought about it.
  7. What is a big no no in sex for you? A lack of connection with the other person.
  8. What are you good at sexually? I’ve been told I am skilled at oral sex.
  9. Do you believe in being sexually open? Yes, I very much believe in it.
  10. And finally, is sex overrated? No definitely not. Though I need to have more.

62 thoughts on “My Answers to the Sex Questionnaire

  1. Thanks for doing this, Vinnie! I love your open discussion of sex. I’m aware that often I censor any overt sexual nature in my poetry, & im toying with exploring it more. Your pieces have made me think about not just sex, but the way that I tackle it in my work, so thank you! & thank you for all of your support xx

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      1. It wasn’t a big deal. I was in Hyde Park, and my then girlfriend was sitting on me, what were doing was hidden by her big summer skirt. I was in up the side of her panties, and it looked like we were just cuddling. But when we both got excited close the the climax, a lot of people wandering by could undoubtedly tell what was happening. 🙂

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