A Sexy Bucket List

Everyone does bucket lists, but mine is going to be naughty. So here goes;

  • I want to pole dance for a lady
  • I want to take part in group sex
  • I want to improve my technique in talking to women
  • I want to make a sex tape

44 thoughts on “A Sexy Bucket List

      1. Hahaha. More power to ya’ on the pole. As for the group thing, it’s a bit awkward, and someone always feels a bit left out. It’s exciting and all, but afterwards, feelings get hurt, etc. If you get the chance, take it, but be sure you’re good with whoever you party with, and talk it out before and after if you do it with someone you’re dating.

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      2. There’s not enough time to go through all of that. I was a wild child from junior year of high school through my mid-20’s. It’s a wonder I’m not dead, paralyzed, or in jail….which I’ve visited a time or three….against my will. I hope my boys don’t put me through what I put my parents through. 😏

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      3. It’s in my nature to howl at the moon. Just do it a little less frequently now. Not because of age, but rather because of responsibility. My would kill me if I got in a bar fight or arrested for drunk and disorderly. I’m good with a mostly peaceful existence now.

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  1. I’m well past these mate.
    Pole Dancing. Never going to happen.
    Group sex. Only if the rest of the group are all female.
    Talking to women. I could always do that, but doubt I could improve now.
    Sex Tape. I would never put my antics on film. Something everyone who has will regret one day, I’m sure.
    But you go for it! It’s your list.
    Cheers, Pete.

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  2. Well… I completed your list ages ago haha.

    Check out my blog for more ideas and how to fulfil them.

    I saw some comments about group sex being overatted, and feelings getting hurt etc.
    Group sex is great when the mood is right. It’s normally better when is spontaneous rather than planned. You will find this easier if you visited a swingers club.
    And people’s feelings only get hurt if they arnt mentally prepared. Going into that situation (with a partner) you have to have spoken about it before hand. There needs to be boundaries talked about. What you are happy for each other to do and what you don’t want the other person to do.
    And you need to be accepting of the fact that you and your partner do not have a romantic attachment to the other people in the orgy. Romance and relationships are different to sex for fun. And as long as it stays that way then there should be no problems.
    Problems occur when one person is more into it than the other.

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