69 thoughts on “The Sexiest Body Part

  1. Oh man, this is a hard question. Legs, butts, breasts, the small of the back, the nape of the neck, smiles, etc, etc. I love everything about women. But, if I had to pick just one, it’d be the eyes. The eyes say everything.

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  2. The eyes. You can see where you stand with a woman at all timed through their eyes. They can tease, tell youbyhey want you, or be dead and look thtough you like you are no longer a concern.

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  3. Well I am not ashamed to lower the tone. I love boobs. The bigger the better, saggy or firm, I don’t care. Ones that are big enough to swing around and bounce about, or half-suffocate you, like soft pillows. Ones that hit the chest with a ‘slap’ when you unhook the bra,
    (As long as they are not silicone-enhanced of course, because they just don’t look right.)

    Big naturals, they get my vote every time! 🙂
    Cheers, Pete.

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      1. For me a man must have strong, shapely hands. I like the way they look when they touch my body. If the hands do not look attractive then I don’t want to feel them on my body.

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      2. I now I understand and I join this thought perfectly, my husband had vet beautiful hand, today, no one man touch my body,

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