34 thoughts on “Woman

    1. I think I busted my ass all the way off that pedestal! Hehehe! But nice writings, Vinnie.💙 Also Waggles!!! WordPress has been playing the whole the U.K. Speaks a different language than me. Even if we spoke a different language, why does WordPress assume people aren’t bilingual. I wrote the “Happiness Engineers”😒 again so hopefully they figure it all out! Xoxo. Also great post, Vinnie!💜

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      1. Crazy language? LMAO! I don’t get it at all!😵 It lets me see some people from the U.K. but not others.😢 I told the “Happiness Engineers” that they were discrimimating aagainst me and probably said other dumb stuff and that’s why they didn’t write back but those people are mean to me like every time I ask anything!😵😒

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