How Do You Keep it Spicy in the Bedroom?

I’ve heard many stories of people’s sex lives slowly ebbing away as time goes on. On the other hand, I’ve also become aware of long term couples still keeping it hot in the bedroom. So I ask you today, how do you keep the spark in the bedroom?

40 thoughts on “How Do You Keep it Spicy in the Bedroom?

  1. We love and lust each other, more and more it seems as time goes on. But, we flirt with each other throughout the day, we are constantly touchy feely outside the bedroom, naughty pics to each other at times. We let each other know the other is wanted, craved, lusted for. In the bedroom, we don’t plan or think, it just ends up different every time. A quickie before kids get home from practice, a 2 hour marathon, a slow grind, a down and dirty romp. Nothing forced or over the top, but spontaneous and fluid. Neither one of us need bondage or a third or to have someone watch, or whatever may be considered “spicing it up”. If you’re with the right person, it seems, just letting go and letting it happen keeps it spiced up. That said, the same position on the same night of the week st the same time? That’d get old pretty quick.

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      1. Yep. Just that simple. For us, at least. We just crave each other, and we let each other know that. That in itself is an aphrodisiac, and that anticipation is delicious. 😃

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  2. Do crazy things outside the bedroom😝 and random places all over. Woot!💜 I also do kinky things like role play, dress up in like a dirty nurse attire or some kind of lingerie I have put away in my closet for rainy days, give a surprise blow job, and we will bring another sexual partner into the bedroom to spice things up on the occasion as well!💙

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