What Do You Like About Oral Sex?

I’ll admit I haven’t had sex in ages which is bothering me. My anxiety is high and my shyness holds me back. But slowly, i think I’m getting more confident. One thing I miss is oral sex, which for me is the best. But what about it do you love most?

64 thoughts on “What Do You Like About Oral Sex?

      1. I do not suck man, my husband unfortunatly never had that pleasear of me
        but i love also to give oral sex to my female parteners as much as i love to recieve it

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      1. It’s not too saucy V~man, but reminds me of days of yore (when I was a kid) and Dad’s would take their sons of for ‘the man chat’ and women (of which I’m one) would stay out of the way! I know things have moved on, it’s a different world, and everything is out in the open which is a good thing, but I still see sex as a private matter I suppose, so I will leave you young things to it 🙂 I won’t unfollow you though just in case Chris Hemsworth turns up 🤣🤣🤣

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  1. Anxiety, depression and shyness have all affected my sex life throughout my life. So I may understand you a bit. I think oral sex is very sexy and intimate. That’s what I miss. I miss pleasing a woman with my mouth and I miss the feeling and sight of a woman going down on me.

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