50 thoughts on “What is the best Sex Position?

      1. Meet the right woman, or man, whatever the case may be, and a whole new world awaits. Combo of lust and love and trust allows for a fantastic sex life. Hope you find that one person that just does it for you. I’d wish that for everyone. 😃

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      1. Sure. I love being behind her, I love standing while she’s at the edge of the bed. My fave is probably me on my knees sorta squatting with her legs over my shoulders or with my hands ounder her knees. Sex is just fantastic…period. 😊

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      2. I enjoy the entire package. All of the senses stimulated simultaneously. It’s intense, and even more so when there’s deep love and trust and respect. Man. Now I can’t wait to get home this afternoon. 😃

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      3. I was shy when I was younger as well. It’s ok. You’ll find some women find that “cute” or a challenge. It’s not about quantity anyway, it’s about quality. You find the right woman, it won’t matter. I met my wife when we were 23 and 25, respectively. We each had some experience, but over the last 26 years, we’ve become VERY experienced, together. 😃

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      4. Sure thing. Now, my wife would not agree that I married up, and she scoffs at me when I say that. But, In my mind, it’s true. Just find the right one, regardless, and you’ll never regret it. 😃

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  1. As a woman, I can say this: don’t be a lazy lover. That’s the absolute worst. I personally don’t care for “missionary” or girl on top. My favorites are anytime he’s behind me (whether I’m bent over something, on my knees, my stomach, whatever), and on my side on the edge of the bed with him standing behind me.

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