59 thoughts on “Something Sexy

      1. Just eye candy mate. Man with perfect abs, and glamour girl with perfect tits. I actually think it’s this sort of thing that gives people complexes, but I don’t care that much either way. I just prefer ‘real’ people.

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      2. When I say ‘real’, I mean the kind of people you see down the High Street, and in the supermarket. I can see that these two are an attractive couple who work hard to look good. But how many of us have the time or money to make that happen? Just my thoughts mate, no big deal.

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      3. In fairness they’re fit as they are both professional dancers, Ola & James Jordan, started dancing at age 14 and still going strong, so permanently fit without really trying I suppose.

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  1. glad you shared these pics. nothing is sexier than a nice pussy or ass framed by sexy lingerie. The sexiness of knowing that she wants you as much as you do shows from the extra effort she puts into dressing like this for you. It makes the expectation of the end result that much stronger. sexy lingerie is a great tease and a wonderful part of foreplay is the act of removing it one piece at a time, slowly of course.

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