What Do You Think About When You Masturbate?

Pleasuring oneself is totally natural, but just what do we think of to provide this stimulation? That’s the question for today. Do you have visual things? Or is it the imagination that sparks it?

29 thoughts on “What Do You Think About When You Masturbate?

  1. Generally, it is the usual suspects. Strangers, unattainable fantasies, the odd fetish, and occasional weird stuff.
    Then again, I am having trouble remembering all that stuff these days! 🙂
    Cheers, Pete.

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  2. The interesting thing about cum is that no matter how much we think we pump out when we shoot a load, medically, it is always the same amount, around a tablespoonful. At different stages in our lives, like when we are in our teens, it pumps harder and further, so appears to be a lot more. Don’t be fooled by some porno films, where fluid is inserted into the guys’ cocks to make it appear like a huge load.
    Check out the load in the teat of a condom, next time you use one. Pretty much the identical amount, every time.

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      1. It was when I was in the ambulance service. He was an A&E doctor, and one of the guys was telling a story about shooting a huge load in his car, and hitting the speedo dial. The doctor overheard the story, and told us that it is always the same amount. We didn’t believe him, so someone looked it up in a medical book.

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  3. Well this might be a comment that might shock some. When I masturbate. I think of my man or woman with another person and them ravishing the other person while I am watching them afar without me noticing or my partner is making me watch tied down and doing things to the other girl and telling me that it tastes and feels better than me. That gets me every time!😀♨💯

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    1. Helpless voyeur with some verbal abuse? That’s quite a common fantasy. Porn sites even have ‘cuckold’ sections, where husbands are show helplessly watching their wives get a seeing to from someone younger and fitter. It doesn’t work for me, but whatever turns you on… 🙂 x

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  4. I’ve always been more turned on by word than visuals for some reason. Give me a raunchy erotica or harlequin and I’m ready to go, put on some pornographic movie or such? I’ll probably wind up laughing. Maybe my imagination is just better than what they can put on screen. 😉

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