75 thoughts on “Ever Had Sex Outdoors?

  1. I have, yes. Not necessarily as part of a fantasy, just sorta worked out that way. Some pitfalls, of course. Sand, bugs, hard ground, splinters on a picnic table, etc. But I don’t remember ever having bad sex, regardless of location. 😃

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  2. I have done it in public parks, on a beach, had a hand job in the sea once, and also done it in a train, so not technically outside, I know. In the back of an estate car with the tailgate open, and in the garden of a rented house in France. Add to that a few ‘fumbly-bumbly’ sessions in back alleys and behind buildings, and I once went down on a woman in a phone box, as she perched on the shelf holding the phone directories . 🙂
    Cheers, Pete.

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      1. I was on holiday in Crete, and my ex-wife and I went into the shallows to cool off. We had a cuddle in the waves, and she slipped her hand into my trunks and tossed me off. It was a bit daring, as there were people all around us at the time.
        The phone box was late one night, in the North of England. I met an older girl in a club, and walked her home, both a little drunk. As we got nera her house, she told me she lived with her parents, so we couldn’t go in together. We ended up smooching in a phone box around the corner instead. I was only 21!

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      1. Sorry I went a little Dr. Seuss there but I have done it numerous places. The pool is very nice because you can hang on the ledge and have the shallow end. The bathtun not enough room a showrer can be fun in the right position. A jacuzzi is pretty fun especially for a woman to get off. Jets plus va jay jay. Oh yeah baby!😉

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  3. I have, and it’s not very comfortable… Depending on where you are. In a tent while camping? Not bad. Out in the elements? Usually not so comfortable. In a somewhat public place?? Well, let’s just say that police don’t take “it’s ok officers, we were listening to the Beatles” as a good reason for public indecency….. 😞

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  4. I love sex outside. It’s like an aphrodisiac, but then I’m a nature-lover. I haven’t really in the city, since I don’t live in one, but lots of times in all sorts of situations. Been seen plenty of times by passing motorists on the side of the road. But offhand, the beach, in rivers, on the front porch, in the vehicle, camping, in the desert…

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